Now With NAVI!
We have integrated our support and operations knowledgebase, NAVI, into Campus. If you are one of our support agents, you will now see the NAVI dashboard when you log in.
Sales Training Programs
Become a valuable asset to your customers.
Resources and Downloads
Easily find a steady stream of valuable information.
Personal Dashboards
Bookmark important pieces of content and keep track of your training.

If you’re looking for information about Clearent’s technology and the wide array of payment solutions we offer to small business owners, you’ve come to the right place!

Clearent Campus is the central hub of knowledge at Clearent. This simple, intuitive platform delivers a single place for learning, resources and communication, including:
  • Specially curated educational content to help you sign more deals
  • Robust resource library that’s easy to use
  • Single communication platform for all alerts, updates, new releases and more

Here you will find everything you need to grow your portfolio and become the subject matter expert your customers are looking for!

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